passing moments

capturing ‘passing moments’ within everyday movements.

‘passing moments’ is about the pockets of time where things momentarily slow down and we become present. when we are aware and in tune with our surroundings —the warmth of sunlight on our skin, the smell of a home cooked meal, the steam from a cup of coffee whisping through the air. these are all moments that grasp our attention, where we take a pause (even just for a conscious breath) to embrace all that is.

to encapsulate the essence of this collection, a visual poem was created through layering and combining elements with complimentary yet contrasting textures, objects, places and moments — paired with sound for a wholistic visceral experience.

haneu haneu’s first collection celebrates the small, seemingly insignificant sensorial experience that highlight our days. it is a reminder of how we overlook the beauty that exists around us, which often is closer than it seems. while being present becomes more challenging, we can appreciate these passing moments as a reminder for us to slow down.

the mini garden

the radish holder

co-art director - super sensitive studios
producer - inter agency
lifestyle photographer - gloria wong
product photographer - ciara kosai
film director/editor - rachel kwan
sound mixer/designer - shelby tanaka, luca mattia
op/colourist - dyson licorish